Table Setting Competition
d'Arts de la Table

It will be one of the most exciting events is the annual table setting competition

The objective of the competition is for the participants to demonstrate their skills and techniques and to highlight their creativity following the appointed theme by producing an original table presentation


Table Setting Competition

d’Arts de la Table

Under the supervision & organization of 

Saudi Arabian Chefs Association

Makkah Expo for Hotels & Restaurants at Makkah Exhibition Hall (07-09 March 2022)


Table-setting, is an activity involving the setting of themed dining tables in artful, decorative ways for social events, and in a variety of categories for competitions. The action will took place in a large pavilion, where 10-15 teams had one hour to transform a square dinner table into an original, functional piece of art that fit with the theme of “HIGH TEA.” Table-settingis a portmanteau of table and landscaping are “rigorously judged” with points lost for glassware, cutlery, and plates, and other items missing or out of place, while points can be gained for creativity or interpretation of a theme. Other criteria considered can include aesthetics, functionality, balance, and the corresponding fictional menu that would accompany the table’s meal; an entry can use a formal table setting, or be quite casual depending on the theme The top criteria for judging tables wil be, how closely each person stuck to the rules, which included: exact placement of the bread plate and exact silverware for what’s on the menu (No Soup? No Soup Spoon).


سيجري تطبيق نظام الجمعية العالميّة للطهاة لمنح الميداليات على النحو التالي:
SA Chefs Medal-03

ميدالية ذهبيّة وشهادة

90 -100 نقطة

SA Chefs Medal-01

ميدالية فضيّة وشهادة

80 -89 نقطة

SA Chefs Medal-02

ميدالية برونزية وشهادة

70 -79 نقطة

شهادة استحقاق

شهادة استحقاق

60 -69 نقطة


  • The chefs will be faced with the challenge of artistically decorating an interior table using the own linen, tableware, glassware and decorations
  • Marks will also be given for the welcome and general etiquette and personal presentation of the participating crewThe participating crew should have a brief explanation (or story) behind their choice of table setting, cocktail and canapés based on the theme
  • All linens, table top decors, plates, glassware, flatware and other props and materials are to be provided by the competitor
  • Competitors may choose to set-up on either an interior or exterior table, with either a formal or informal interpretation of the theme
  • Competitors may execute a table setting for a minimum of two (2) persons, and must include chairs, table, napkins, chinaware, flatware and glassware
  • Each setting must have an appropriate menu card on the table related to the display
  • Competitors shall be responsible for the security of their displays


  • Presentation of the table setting (20 points)
  • Composition and accuracy of settings, based on a menu (25 points)
  • Creativity and originality (20 points)
  • Execution of the theme (20 points)
  • Artistry and use of materials (15 points)
  • Total 100 points
table setting competition

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